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I thought I would take some time this week to bust some of the biggest massage myths - there's so much misinformation going round regarding massage - so buckle up!

No pain, no gain - for the massage to work, it’s got to hurt, right?

Again, not strictly true!

Sometimes a massage may be a little tender in places, but it doesn’t have to hurt to do you some good!

If you’re all tensed up in pain it’s going to be an uphill battle to get the muscles to relax, so breathe into your stomach and see how it feels.

If things are feeling a bit too much in your session, you can always ask for the pressure to be reduced - it doesn’t make you a wimp, and you will still feel the benefit of the session. Please don’t suffer in silence!

I can’t have a massage if I have cancer, am undergoing cancer treatment, or have had cancer in the past

This is simply NOT TRUE. We might have to make some adaptations to your treatment, but having cancer does NOT prevent you from having some sort of massage.

Do I have to take all my clothes off?

If I’m only going to be working on the upper half of your body (back, neck, shoulders, arms, head), then you absolutely can keep your bottom half clothed. If you’re ever uncomfortable with how much I’ve asked you to undress, please speak up so we can come up with a plan together. My main concern in any treatment is that you are as comfortable as possible, whatever that means for you.

Massage is just for women

This is absolutely a myth!

Whilst I do see more female clients than male, massage is for everybody, and every body can benefit from it!

I haven’t shaved my legs!

I really don’t care about this - you should see what mine look like most of the time!

I hate small talk, will you try and chat to me throughout the massage?

I hate small talk with strangers too! If I think you want to quietly relax, I’ll only talk to you to check in about pressure and to move you if necessary. If you want to chat all the way through the session, go for it! I try and take my cue from my clients, so I’m happy with whatever level of interaction you want.

Drinking water after the massage gets rid of toxins

This is my BIGGEST pet peeve with massage myths - it is simply NOT TRUE. Basically, your body uses water in various processes, including getting rid of waste. Massage gets the circulation going, which speeds up these processes, making the kidneys have to work harder.

What other "facts" have you heard about massage? Do you have any questions you desperately want answering? If so, get in touch!

Vikki :)

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