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Stretch those pecs!

Now that many of us are spending more time working from home, potentially in a less than perfect setup, you may be feeling some more aches and pains after a long day at work.

Quite a few of my videos concentrate on the muscles at the back of the body, in the shoulders and neck, as this is where we find the aches to be strongest. However, most of the muscles of the body work in opposition, so if we're having stiffness in the muscles at the back of the body, the muscles at the front will also be working hard.

Today's video is all about stretching out the pectoral muscles in the chest. These muscles pull the arms and shoulders in towards the middle of the body, so if you're hunched up over a desk all day they'll be working overtime!

As with all the stretches and exercises, take it slowly when you're moving into and out of the stretch, and only go so far as to feel the stretch - don't push yourself further than is necessary.

All you need is a wall you can spread your arms out on!

Happy stretching!

Vikki :)

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