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The dreaded C-Word, not that one!

With everything that's going off in the news this week regarding COVID 19 (aka Coronavirus), I just wanted to get in touch to let you know what I'm doing to keep us all safe.

At the moment it is business as usual here at Seven Hills Massage, but I will keep you updated if anything changes. Hygiene My cleaning and hygiene practices are reviewed regularly, and have always included hand washing before and after seeing clients, clean towels for each client, using disposable products where possible for facials, disposable face covers, and cleaning of all communal surfaces between clients. Hand washing facilities are always available, and hand gel, tissues, and a bin are always in the attic room. I have plenty of loo roll (not in a stockpiling way though!), so if anyone needs a spare loo roll or bar of soap because they're running low, please let me know when you come in and I can give you one of mine.

A hand washing poster, giving guidance on hand washing to the lyrics of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.


  • If you have any sort of illness, including D&V, or "just a cold" - please get in touch and let me know ASAP, and we'll do what we can to rearrange your appointment.

  • I don't want you coming in if you're ill; you need your rest, I see other clients who may be vulnerable health wise and don't want to pass it on to them, and I definitely don't want to get it myself!

  • Please follow all government/NHS guidelines if you've been travelling or around someone who has, especially if it's any of the countries on the list (it's changing all the time,click HERE for the most up to date advice).

  • Likewise, if I'm ill in any way, I will get in touch ASAP with you to rearrange your appointment.

If there's any changes to my practice, I'll let you know ASAP. I would also advise you to click HERE to find the NHS advice on the Coronavirus outbreak. Please note that I'm not trying to scare you with this blog - I'm just trying to reassure you that I'm doing what I can to ensure everyone's health (and my own!) Thank you for your help and co-operation at this difficult time. Vikki :)

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