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Wrist action

At the moment loads of us are spending a lot of time working from home, at a desk or a laptop, or using our mobile phones a lot more. I know I'm definitely finding that I'm getting a lot of tension in my hands and wrists, mainly from extra phone use (I know, I know! I was trying to cut down on screen time and then this whole virus situation happened...).

Today's video is a couple of easy stretches to do to stretch out the wrists and forearms - we don't often think about the muscles in here but there can definitely be a buildup of tension in this area.

Before you watch the video please bear in mind that I personally have a lot of mobility in my wrists so I have to bend quite far to get a good stretch - please don't push yourself too far to try and match what I'm doing. As ever, if you have a specific injury in this area or any applicable related health conditions please seek medical advice before you attempt these stretches.

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