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Pregnancy Treatments

Are massage and reflexology safe in pregnancy?

Massage and reflexology are safe at all stages of pregnancy. Some therapists won't work with clients in their first trimester due to the risk of miscarriage, however there is no scientific evidence that massage can cause a miscarriage. Both treatments are also safe right up until labour; many first aid books suggest gently massaging someone's back if they're in labour, and I have seen clients who are a couple of weeks overdue.



What are the benefits?

Prenatal massage and reflexology can benefit you in many ways:

  • Massage and reflexology can help with stress and relaxation, which in turn can lead to better or increased sleep.

  • It can help with the physical aches and pains that come as pregnancy progresses, especially in the lower back and hips.

  • It can improve blood circulation round the body, helping to regulate blood pressure and easing the load on the heart.

  • It can be nice to be pampered, and can help you feel a bit more like yourself!


How often should I have a prenatal treatment?

I get asked this a lot about all sorts of massage, and my answer is usually “it depends”! I've seen some clients almost every week of their pregnancy, as they've had such problems with back and leg pains. Some clients come a few times through their pregnancy, and some clients come for a treat in the first couple of weeks of maternity leave. Obviously if you get benefit from the treatment then I would encourage you to come as much as possible to maximise the benefit.


Do you massage my bump?

It is perfectly safe to massage your bump, and can be a lovely way to bond with the baby. I would only massage your bump if asked, and massage of your bump is gentle; it isn't worked deeply.

60 mins £45

90 mins £65

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