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Holistic Massage

Massage is an ancient therapy – there are many records of it in civilisations all over the world. The first written records of it being used are from China in 2700BC. Chinese massage is based on imbalances of the energy in the body, and releasing blockages in this energy. Ancient Indian texts from around 1500BC state that massage had been used by Hindus as part of ayurvedic medicine since around 3000BC.


Egyptian tomb paintings on the Tomb of Akmanthor (dated around 2500BC) show massage being used; this tomb was also known as the “Tomb of the Physician”. These paintings influenced the Greeks and the Romans, who were both well known for their use of massage. Athletes in the original Olympics (around 800BC) would have massage to keep them strong and fit, and Hippocrates prescribed “friction” to treat injuries.


The Romans started using massage in around 200BC; the rich would have massages in their home and they were also available in the public baths. Julius Caesar had a daily “pinching” routine to help with his neuralgia and to control his seizures, and there are records of gladiators being “rubbed” before their fights.

At the start of every holistic massage session, I carry out a brief consultation to find out if there's anything I need to know about health wise, and if there's any particular aches, pains or twinges.

60 mins £45

90 mins £65

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