Reflexology is the manipulation of the feet based on reflex points; areas on the feet correspond to areas on the body. It is an ancient therapy - Egyptian tomb paintings show a man having his feet worked on by servants as far back as around 2500BC. There is also evidence of it being used in ancient China and India. The idea of reflexology is that it supports the body to heal itself and clear blockages in energy flow around the body.

In 1913 William Fitzgerald brought zone therapy to the West. He divided the body into 10 zones, and found that pressure on certain areas of the feet gave an anaesthetic effect to his patients (he was a dentist, can you imagine how much dental work hurt in those days?). In the 1930s Eunice Ingham developed reflexology as we know it today. She mapped the different areas of the body onto reflex points in the feet.

What happens in a treatment?

In a reflexology treatment, you stay clothed except for the feet. You lie on a massage table in a sun lounger style, covered by an blanket, with your feet and knees supported by bolsters and pillows. I start by cleaning the feet and giving some brief massage to help you relax. I then use my thumbs and fingers to systematically work around the foot, looking for any areas that feel clicky or crunchy, or areas where the client feels tenderness and/or pain. These areas are marked on a chart, and I work on them a bit more, to encourage the body to heal in these areas.

60 mins £35



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