Please note that I'm carrying on with all the previous COVID protocols for now, including:

    • Please wear a mask or face covering at all times during your appointment (unless you're exempt) - the government have now made it mandatory to wear a mask in personal care settings. If you're uncomfortable at any point due to your mask, let me know and we can adjust your position.

    • I will also be wearing a FFFP2 standard mask throughout the session, and there will be a window open for ventilation - I will be doing everything I can to keep you warm throughout your session!

    • If you or anyone you live with have any hint of an illness (even if you think it's just a sniffle), is waiting for a COVID test result, or have been told to self-isolate by Test & Trace or the app, please let me know ASAP to rearrange your appointment, and I'll do the same.